What changes

With the https://www.melioratestlab.com/2021/06/08/testlab-publius-enigma-release/ release the way how user roles are handled in Testlab will be changed. Before the release, permissions of the user roles were tied to workflows - that means that permissions ( defining what users can do ) we defined for each workflow. In Publius Enigma release the roles work independently. You need to define the permissions of the roles just once. In the end, this is simpler and easier to manage.

Your user permissions do not change in this release. Users can do the same thing as they could before the change. No immediate action is needed due to the role change.

How you see the change

In this article we do not talk about how the user interface changes ( See release notes and manual for that ).

This article is about how you see the data change from administrator's point of view. If your user roles had the default permissions, or if all your workflows had the same permissions of the same roles, then you see the roles as they were before. Nothing more to do, really.

You see multiplied roles

If you have used the same role with different permissions, Testlab has created multiple roles for you so that your users will have the same permissions in each project / workflow as they had before. You might have had TESTER before with different permissions in different projects, so now you might have TESTER and TESTER_YW ( For "Your Workflow"). If you have many roles with similar names, you might want to revise the roles a bit.

We have planned some role management improvements for the next release, so if you are not in a hurry, wait for the next release. We will show a summary of how the role is used so you do not need to go through your projects to find that out, and we will also introduce the possibility to rename roles. 

It might be worthwhile to check if you need to have the same roles with different permissions. If there is no need, just: 

  • choose which role you want to use in the future
  • Switch the roles for your users ( Manage projects -> Users and restrictions )
  • delete the unneeded role(s)

This will keep the lists more clear.